Locked Up
Can you escape?

A thrilling virtual escape experience where your choices make
the difference, can you help your friend survive?

Virtual Escape Game

Locked Up is a virtual escape room delivered entirely through your mobile device.

You Decide

Your choices determine whether your friend lives or dies, the game has multiple endings, see if you can find them all.


Locked Up is completely free to play, give it a try and if you like it please do share with your friends!

Locked Up Features

Locked Up is a virtual escape game where you have to help
your friend escape a deadly scenario using only a messenger app!

  • Look Around

    Be observant and check your surroundings for clues

  • Solve Puzzles

    It's not easy to escape can you find the way without being caught?

  • Multiple Endings

    Can you find the best ending?

  • Your Choice

    Your choices decide the path the game takes

  • Can you handle it?

    Being locked up isn't for the faint hearted, are you brave enough?

  • Messenger

    Use the escape my room messenger app to help your virtual friend escape!


Here's a quick preview of Locked Up.
It's free and packed thrills and puzzles, give it a try!

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Ready for a thrilling, edge of your seat escapge experience?
Get locked up today and see if you have what it takes to escape!